Bullfighting Unit: The Beginnings

For the last four weeks of school, my Spanish 1s and 2s will be learning about bullfighting.

My personal goal is to share some (if not all) of these lessons with you all as we complete them.  At the end of the unit, ideally I will have one organized document available for you all.  I hope that they will be of use to someone in the future!

Here are some resources I’ve found and/or are gathering as I begin:

Carrie Toth’s Bullfighting Unit:  TONS of great info here, but I especially love her Essential Questions and her Assessment ideas.

La Canción Torero por Los Victorios:  Be-a-u-ti-ful song!  Video includes images of a bullfight.  Warning: some are gory!  Definitely worth a listen.  

La Canción TORERO por Chayanne:  Good rhythm that students will love, but does not lend itself to the overall feeling of bullfighting.  It does however have a lot of calendar vocabulary! 

El Programa de Televisión: Matadores: First episode is called “Mamá, quiero ser torero” and tells the story of a boy training to be a bullfighter.  As a listening activity this would be too hard for my students; however, I’m contemplating pulling certain parts for a Movie Talk and/or creating a simplified reading of the story in the episode.

My Pinterest Board for Las Corridas de Toros: This is where I will be putting any and everything to do with Bullfighting.  Hopefully will start filling up quickly!

Now I must throw this disclaimer in here:  I am not a bullfighting expert! While creating this unit I am applying what I learned during my time abroad in Burgos, Spain as well as learning along with my students.  If you notice an error in any of these future works, please contact me so I can correct it! 


7 thoughts on “Bullfighting Unit: The Beginnings

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  2. +This is pretty amazing stuff! I think next year, I’m going to have some of my students research bullfighting so that they can make it part of our Cultural Fair. The “pin the horns” on the bull sounds like it would make a fun kiosk for the students. Gracias… I love your ideas! Gracias por compartir.

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