Improvement for 2014: Student Blog

Another idea I have to enhance my classroom is to have a student generated blog about our class activities.

My primary reason for wanting a student blog is to help promote all the “awesomeness” going on in my classrooms.  My school has become very proactive about promoting our successes as our enrollment declines, and there are many accomplishments in my classroom worth writing about!

Here are other reasons why creating a student generated blog about class on-goings is appealing to me:

1.  A blog can be more eye appealing than an email.  You can add pictures of what’s happening in class, add documents in the blog describing them, or the videos that we create.

2. A blog can be updated more frequently than the monthly school newsletter.

3.  Parents can check the blog at their leisure – it’s always there!

4.  By having students maintain the blog, they gain a sense of ownership and pride about what’s happening in the classroom.

5.  As my school is building its way to a 1:1 district, a blog will also teach them some important technology skills.

I would also like have a blog where students interact in Spanish for class purposes (i.e., post a picture for students to write about, have students keep personal blogs to post their works, etc.), but I’m still working on the logistics of  how to avoid overkill of using Google Translate.   If you know of a way, let me know!

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