Improvement for 2014: Postcards

I’m reflecting on everything that happened during the 2013-2014 school year in preparation for next year.  One idea I would like to incorporate for 2014-2015 is using postcards.

The first way I would like to use postcards is to send them to students as rewards.  I saw these examples by SraStephanie for free on Teachers Pay Teachers and I thought it was a neat idea!  It might be nice to include some kind of extra credit opportunity, but I also realize that these kinds of students don’t typically need the extra credit.

The second way I would like to use postcards is to send them to school board members! I would like for these to be informative in nature (artwork representing lesson, a quote with a corresponding image, thanking them for all they do, etc.) and I also want them to be student generated.  Read about my inspiration for this from Sra Guetzko!

Lastly, I would love for my students to send postcards to pen-pals!  By the way, I’m on the lookout for a pen-pal partners!  I would love to send “snail mail” as well as exchange in a technologic manner. If you’re interested, please let me know so we can begin collaborating! =]

If you’re an iPad user, you should check out the free Photocard app from Apple.  I first heard about this app from Nicola Work from the University of Dayton when she presented about fun yet free iPad apps at the Central States conference.  You can use preloaded images or take your own, type on the postcards, add stickers, and even record your voice (but what happens to the audio once you save the postcard I don’t know). You can create postcards using this app, save, and then print to send out.

Feel free to share below if you have other ideas!

2 thoughts on “Improvement for 2014: Postcards

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