Educreations Recordings on the iPad

I have been hunting for a decent yet free service that will allow me to record my students speaking while also recording the image they are describing because my speaking quizzes are story based (meaning students retell me a story while looking at images).  I think it’s important to have a record of students’ speaking capabilities because it shows them how far they  come and so that I can listen to them later.  Sometimes you just have a hard time focusing when the student is in front of you!  I have also used their recordings on their assessments.

Previously, I would use the notebook feature through Microsoft Word (on my Mac computer).  This led to problems because anytime I wanted to save it, the program would freeze and I would lose the recordings – even after updates.  I use Voki at home when I create audio for quizzes but it’s blocked at my school and for some reason when I do Google Voice assignments there is always a technical problem.

I recently heard about Educreations from a technology-based PD at my school.  I began playing on it with my iPad and it has potential!  Here’s what I like about Educreations app:

1. You can take a picture of what you’re describing (so students can take pictures of their own work to describe for quizzes).  No need to wait for it to load up to the cloud.

2. You can pause between audio recordings.  This means students can prepare the next image they’re describing without having to start their audio recording over. (This can’t be done on the web version)

3. It’s easier to draw on the screen on the iPad (you can do this on the internet too, but it doesn’t look as natural and seems to take longer because you’re using the mouse).


5. You have a little movie when you’re done!

If you’re curious and want to see the final result, here’s a sample that a student completed today.  It is a retell from La Hija del Sastre – Chapter 10 to be exact.

I also saw this post from about how they used Educreations for a food unit.

I highly recommend looking into Educreations if you use storytelling in your classroom!

4 thoughts on “Educreations Recordings on the iPad

  1. Are you going to the Grant Wood ipad U iin July? I signed up. Let me know. If you live too far away you can stay at my house unless you are allergic to cats and dogs.

    Te invito!

  2. Just be careful, I had a lot of glitches last time I used it. Make sure students upload all the pictures first and not to switch out of the app and open up another app. Otherwise it would close out for a lot of students and delete all of their work. The only thing I wish this app had was a save/edit feature.

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