Instagram for Vocabulary Purposes Part 2

I recently blogged about using Instagram to help teach or review vocabulary in class.  Since then I’ve created a lot of activities using Instagram.  For example, I have a paper-based version of an updated Family Tree project using Instagram as well as a refreshed version of the infamous Dream House project.  I would love to be able to actually use these projects on the REAL Instagram!  Most of my students actually don’t have smart phones/devices – I was shocked when I took a quick poll by hands.  Also, for those of us that have those devices we can’t get signal in the school due to the building.

So I was pleasantly surprised when researching how other teachers were using Instagram to find this post written by Pilar Munday.  Pilar (@mundaysa) came up with the idea with her friend Adelaida Martín (@amartinbosque).  The idea is that students Instagram a picture with a phrase that represents the chosen word for that day well.  I absolutely love the idea!  It’s like a modernized version of Word of the Day.  Pilar also has a link to a Google form where you can submit future requests!

One thought on “Instagram for Vocabulary Purposes Part 2

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