Instagram for Vocabulary Purposes

I’ve had an Instagram account for a year or two, but I only recently realized how I might be able to use it in the classroom.  The TPRS method has students use pictures to create an oral story, some listening activities I’ve read about on other blogs recommend doing sentence dictations while drawing in order to demonstrate understanding, and being able to chunk vocabulary together in appropriate lists is important too.  Instagram utilizes all of these things!

While brainstorming ways to help break down the novel La Hija del Sastre for my Spanish 3 students, I began to wonder how I could use Instagram to our benefit… and I think I got it!

Here is the worksheet I created, with an explanation of what I will ask of students:

Activity 1: On the first page, at the top with the 7 boxes students will sketch the 7 main scenes of the chapter.

Activity 2: On the first page, on the bottom I will give students key vocabulary from the chapter.  Students will use the vocabulary term in a sentence and illustrate that sentence.

Activity 3: On the second page, I created some generic Instagram to use for a variety of activities.  One idea is to have students draw what they believe to be the most important scene of the chapter along with a description, then have them pass the papers around to get two written responses.  Another idea is to have students “create an account” for the main character in the novel, so we could see what is happening through her eyes.  I left them generic so that they could be adaptable.

I have some ideas on how an Instagram based project might work well for a family or house unit that I hope to put to use this year!  I encourage you to look into how you can be using social media like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook to your advantage!

4 thoughts on “Instagram for Vocabulary Purposes

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  2. Hi
    If you would like to trade/share Spanish teaching resources, I would be willing. Let me know.
    I have lots to share.

    • Sure! Is there anything in particular you would like in return? Let me know and I’ll send it your way!

      Let me know if you have a blog I can check out, too. I love seeing what others are doing in their classrooms.

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