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I went looking for infographs I could use with my students for Valentine’s Day when I came across the perfect one!  I like it because my students can relate to it because it’s about relationships on Facebook, it doesn’t have too much writing to scare them, and I like that the infograph balances just enough known vocabulary with unknown words.  Here it is:


This infograph was found here.

While looking and analyzing the infograph, I remembered how I wanted to make a Facebook introductory Spanish mini-unit.  I’m not really sure what that would look like, but it sounds like an awesome idea doesn’t it!

My idea was inspired by an infograph I saw over the summer.  It has the six Spanish verb tenses and some of them are easily recognized by students – “posteo” and “comentas” for example.  I love that it includes the “vosotros” form because while I don’t test on it, I do like to expose students to it.


Here’s another that I personally really like, although I know it’s not all school appropriate!


The last Spanish Facebook Resource I’d like to share is a song called “No Te Metas a Mi Facebook” by Esteman.  It’s got a catchy tune and students will like the dancing and outfits!  The song might prove to be a challenge for lower levels, as it uses words like “indagar” instead of the more recognizable “investigar.” A fun activity might be to look at the lyrics and compare it to the ¿Qué tipo de Facebookero eres? character chart.

If you’d like more authres similar to these, make sure to check out my Spanish Facebook Resources board on Pinterest.

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