Listening Idea: Teléfono

I needed a warm-up for my Spanish 1s today.

Spanish 2 and 3 are doing these verb review packets to review written verb rules as warm-ups, but Spanish 1 is not doing that.  I have absolutely no intentions to show them a verb chart this entire year.  So far, I believe my Spanish 1s understand verbs better than Spanish 2 and 3 because of this but that’s entirely worthy of its own post!

So when my Spanish 1 students walked in, I spontaneously asked them to create 3 of their own sentences.  I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with the sentences when I gave the instructions, but I wanted students to work on speaking and listening as well.  I also didn’t really want them to realize how many skills they were using.  I suggested to make them funny and stated that it was important that they use known vocabulary for the sake of the group.

After students wrote their sentences, I modeled for the group.  It was something like “Sr. Jones vive en pantalones grandes.”  Yeah, doesn’t really make a ton of sense but you better believe other students wanted to hear what Student A was snickering about!  They waited on pins and needles to hear what the sentence was.

While this isn’t a mind-blowing activity, it sure brightened up my Monday!

One thought on “Listening Idea: Teléfono

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