Day of the Dead Face Art!

I’m not here to bombard you with my Day of the Dead activities because there’s been SO many great ones this month I could never top them!


However, I have a little idea to add to your DDLM tool box.  

This year, I went to my local party store looking for props for class.  It was at the end of September, and they were gearing up for Halloween.  I luckily found a Day of the Dead themed section, and I found these awesome face tattoos!  They were fairly cheap (originally $2.00, but my party store offers a teacher discount!) and quick to apply (about 20 minutes).

Students loved seeing me wearing the masks today, and several students who weren’t mine were talking about it.  I was so pleased when my own students could tell the others what my costume was!  I’ve also decided I need to make more of a commitment and get a dress and find a similar hat to La Catrina’s.

I’ve also begun to think about how I couple possible use this in the future: on the first day of school, for my yearbook picture     (last year I had my sombrero in my picture), etc.  The possibilities are endless!

2 thoughts on “Day of the Dead Face Art!

  1. I’m not as brave as you think I am! I just figured I should do it because my students would enjoy it . I’m hoping to go all out next year as this year I only did my face. You should give it a try – yours will probably turn out way cooler than mine!

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