¿Qué dice el zorro? Lesson Plans

I have compiled the activities that I have done or am doing this week with the Spanish version of the song, What Does the Fox Say.  I have put the activities on TeachersPayTeachers and they will be free for the next day!


The download includes multiple activities for the Castellano  version  of What Does the Fox Say? and most documents come as Word documents as well as PDFs to preserve the original appearance.  The download includes two activities to help lower levels recognize the animals and animal body parts presented in the song.  There is a CUCHARAS game as well as a CRUCEPALABRAS (crossword puzzle).  The download includes an article written about the writers of the song.  The article includes the original version as well as one I adapted for my students, and includes Spanish and English versions of questions to answer about the article.  Both these documents are editable to help you better suit your students abilities.  Maybe the most valuable document is a copy of the lyrics, which come in Spanish and in English, as well as in PDF and Word documents.

Please keep in mind I made these activities to best mirror the version that was already created.  Some wording and phrasing is true to how we would translate it while others appear to keep certain words to maintain rhythm.

If you download the activities while they are free, I simply ask that you email me at eldentlinger@yahoo.com to let me know of any errors!

If you end up purchasing the document and find the Youtube version has been removed for whatever reason, please also email me at eldentlinger@yahoo.com or direct message me on Twitter @SraDentlinger and I will send you a copy of the video.

6 thoughts on “¿Qué dice el zorro? Lesson Plans

  1. Hola!

    Thank you so much for all your post and great ideas… they have really helped me. I tried to download the file , but for some reason when I open it… there is nothing in there. If it’s ok, could you please send it to my email?

    Thanks a lot

    • Olga,
      Thanks for letting me know about the problem!

      Will you try to re-download it from the site? I had a coworker test it this morning and I think we fixed it. I just want to make sure the link still works for everyone else. If it still isn’t working, I’ll send you a copy if you give me your email.

    • If you don’t mind, send me your email and I’ll send you the PDF files.

      I’m not sure why it isn’t working quite right. I’ve tested it twice on different computer and the revised file works. Computers can be so weird!

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