¿Qué dice zorro?

I’m so sad that What Does the Fox Say has already been done in Spanish.  I’m sad because I was seriously planning on having students recreate it in Spanish next week!

We know “qué dice” and we know a lot of the animals and their noises.  We also know “ruido” and “no sé.”

I will probably go ahead and have student work on it anyway, and save this beauty for when they’re done:

I’m also thinking about how I could tie a mini “zorro” lesson, but nothing concrete yet! =)

4 thoughts on “¿Qué dice zorro?

  1. How funny! I was thinking of doing the same thing except I was going to make mine a mini lesson since we are crunched for time. I figured there was probably a Spanish version out already but have not had time to search. Thank you for sharing!!

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