Rosita Adelita Says ¡Sí, Se Puede!

I used Rosita Adelita today in class.  If you’re not familiar with her, she’s the Mexicana style “Rosie the Riveter.”  She was created by Robert Valadez, who created the piece by mixing Rosie the Riveter and the fictional, Mexican Revolution character named La Adelita.  


I’m teaching the word “puede” (s/he can) and I love when the gesture my students use mirrors the image I use to teach vocabulary.  I also like that it uses the phrase “Sí se puede.”  Students were interested in comparing Rosie and Rosita, and this made this mini-activity very enjoyable to me.  

I’m sometimes astonished at things my students don’t know (I thought everyone knew about Rosie the Riveter!), but I have to remind myself that I wouldn’t know about these things either if a teacher hadn’t taken the time to explain/show/etc. them to me.  

Most students thought the original Rosie was first created to represent feminism (in their words, honest!), but after some prompting they began putting the pieces together.  The boys especially loved being able to divulge what they knew about WWII.  

On a personal note, I think this art piece was beautifully created.  I plan on purchasing one from Robert Valadez‘s website and displaying it in class.

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