Speaking Activity: Bags of Questions

Bolsas de Preguntas  (or Bags of Questions in English) is a fairly easy to prepare activity that I use when: (1) I want my students to have one on one practice with the target language; (2) I need a little mental break from students myself; or (3) my lesson isn’t going to quite fill my class period.

This activity is fairly simple. I type up a bunch of random questions pertaining to vocabulary we have been learning.  Some questions are normal (Example: ¿Comes pizza o ensalada?) and throw in some bizarre ones (Example: ¿Comes profesores?)  to make sure they’re paying attention to the meaning of the questions and not simply responding.  I print the questions and then cut each individual question.  After the questions are all cut up, I put them in a plastic snack bag.  I then give the bag to a duo or trio depending on the class and they take turns asking and answering the questions.

A few recommendations:

– Have students brainstorm some questions to add!  They love seeing their own questions and get excited to ask the question to their partners.  You can also borrow pieces of their questions.

– The cutting requires the most time.  I’ve found using a paper-cutter greatly decreases this time.

– You could also have another student cut out the questions if you have them prepared ahead of time (and if you are that prepared, kudos to you!).

– What I like about baggies is that they take up less space than cans.  I’ve heard of other teachers using this activity with tin cans.

Hope this activity is useable by someone!

2 thoughts on “Speaking Activity: Bags of Questions

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