My REAL Early Finishers Project

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  • I’ve been hesitant to post what my TRUE early finisher project is.

    A few negative comments here and there and I deflate like a balloon, like any normal person. However, my students haven’t been able to contain their excitement about this project this week. I’ve decided if it’s that exciting for them, then it’s good enough to share with all of you!

    The beauty and the beast of TPRS (in terms of early finishers), is that the class finishes together. I’m not sending home work or making them complete packets to finish individually. So if we finish 8 minutes early (yikes!), we ALL finish 8 minutes early.

    My real early finisher project for the class is to have them learn a song in Spanish and then make a video re-make of the song. Spanish 1 re-made El Alfabeto and Spanish 2s and 3s re-made El Pollito Pio. The prize for this round is for me to bring in tortilla chips, salsa, and teach them how to make guacamole in class.

    I’m not claiming this is best practice, but it does get my students reading Spanish and listening to Spanish audio repeatedly. It’s even given us vocabulary to use in class! Plus it’s fun for the kiddos and myself! However it is not all suns and roses – two entire classes weren’t interested. At all. So I just do my best to not end early. EVER.

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