Cultural Idea: MARTES13

Reading through my Twitter feed last night, I came across @ProfeSlack’s tweet about #martes13.  I knew yesterday was #Friday13, but I’d never heard of this #martes13!

I began investigating and apparently some other countries believe in Tuesday the 13th and not Friday the 13th.  Specifically, a lot of Latin American countries like Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, and Spain.  From what I’ve gathered, Tuesday the 13th started similarly to how our Friday the 13th started: with the movie!  It’s just that the movie was released as Martes 13 in Spanish-speaking countries.

I wish I had known about this before so I could have used this as a cultural lesson yesterday!  However, now I have it in my “bank of interesting culture” to use in the future.


Here are a couple of ideas I’ve had:

– It would be awesome if I could time this with a unit like Mr. Peto’s ¿Qué está debajo de la cama? unit!

– Play “Martes 13” music as students walk into class (probably on a Friday the 13th day, to better highlight differences)

– Have some “Martes 13” images on the projector/board (like the one above)

– Students could do a timed-write of a scary story in class.

– If students have technology at their fingers, it would be interesting to see if students could find a tweet about #martes13 and engage with the tweeter about the topic.  Students could ask the tweeter questions, for clarification, if they believe in it, etc.  Kind of like a written version of those Skype-chats so many teachers are using.

– Watch commentaries like EL MARTES 13 Y EL VIERNES 13 ¿MALA SUERTE? and other commentaries by natives.

– Use a Movie Talk about a film like WAITING.  This one would work because it uses a vampire (easy cognate in Spanish), shows a date (even though in English, I could compare to the current date), and I could throw in fear-based questions.  This is a little long though (15 min) and has a lot of English written on the screen as the teen texts.

– For reading, I would probably use Twitter but there are also several Spanish articles written if you do a quick Google search.  I went through and saved some tweets about #martes13 and created a quick little reading worksheet.  I’m still debating about if it’s better to have questions in English or Spanish.  I went with English because I want to make sure my students understand the information they’re reading, and not having problems reading the question.

The possibilities are endless!  Please share if you have any other ideas on how to present this!

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