TeachersPayTeachers Rant and Plea

I think Teachers Pay Teachers is a WONDERFUL service for teachers.  I have turned to TPT for everything from quick movie guides to lesson plans for class.  It’s so inspiring!  I also use it myself to host many of the free documents I post here on my blog.  If you haven’t checked it out you should! There are several free resources as well as some you pay for.

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 11.34.42 AM

However, today as a TPT seller I am frustrated.  I’m keep reminding myself to take this as a growing opportunity, but I’ve never taken negative feedback well.

I recently had a TPT user go through and give me extremely low ratings on multiple free products.  This TPT user has not purchased a single item from my store so it’s not like s/he paid money for unsatisfactory products.  This user also doesn’t have their own store, so even though they complained about the quality of my work I cannot go compare my work to hers (an instinct instilled in me at a young age).  I would be more willing to accept the low rating if it were justified by his/her amazingness.  I admit imperfections but this user was simply being nasty.

As for the products s/he complained about, they were all free!  One complaint was that s/he couldn’t edit the documents because they were PDF.  The common standard on TPT is to publish free documents in PDF format.  I follow this as a standard rule and try to make all purchased documents available both as a PDF and as an editable Word version for teachers who’d like to modify them.

I don’t understand what I’ve done to make this TPT user so upset.  Furthermore, the documents she cut down as educational garbage and “bad practice in Foreign Language” have been downloaded around 100 times!

I feel a little guilty about this plea, but if you’ve downloaded one of my free products would you make sure to go rate it?  Prrrrretty please?  

Also, if you have downloaded such a document and notice errors, please contact me at eldentlinger@gmail.com.  Thanks for your time! =]

4 thoughts on “TeachersPayTeachers Rant and Plea

  1. I love your blog and some of your ideas inspire stuff I do. I don’t know why that TPT user had to be so negative. Don’t use something if you don’t like it, but the criticism wasn’t even constructive. Keep up the good work.

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