Modifiable Posters

My first year teaching I refused to hang up vocabulary on the walls.  I INSISTED students memorize vocabulary.  If there was a poster that had vocabulary on it, I would cover it if it was pertinent to a quiz/test.

My second year teaching I was at another school.  I’m not sure why but I started putting up tons of posters to help my students.  It was so much easier to have students look at a poster for the answer, than to repeat myself for the hundredth time.

As I am using TPRS this year, I needed to quickly help my students figure out those interrogative words (What, how, why, etc).  However, I didn’t always want Spanish interrogatives stuck up on my wall with English meanings for forever.  So I compromised.

This is what I ended up doing:

– I printed out these question posters that have corresponding images from Scott Benedict. They have the Spanish interrogative along with a corresponding picture.

– I laminated the posters.

– I wrote the English meaning on the poster with a dry erase marker

2013-08-19 15.52.32

– I also placed a second set on another wall, in the same order, in case students aren’t able to see the exact one I’m pointing to.  This way they have a closer poster to look at.

I intend to erase the English translations off of one set of posters as the year progresses.   I will leave one set up with English translations to assist my lower level students.  I’m hoping to be able to erase English meanings off all posters, but I don’t know when or if that will be possible.

I have to say, these posters are really helping me in my TPRS journey!  Already, my students know “quién” better than in previous years.  I can’t wait to erase the English and see how well my students do!

4 thoughts on “Modifiable Posters

  1. Love this idea! My students usually struggle with these question type words as well. I think I’m going to make something like this to helps them out!

    • It has really helped my students a lot. I hope it works for your students too. Another idea is to make one student in charge of knowing one question word. My students like having something they’re the professional on.

  2. I think adding the graphic will help immensely with my students. I had up just small posters I had made with the question words. THANKS!

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