Updated Absence Form

I’ve been updating a lot of my class forms recently.  Some of them are irrelevant due to my different teaching style while others aren’t as visually appealing as I’d like.

Here’s one I’m fixing up for both the previously mentioned reasons: the Absence Form.

The new, TPRS friendly form has been simplified and it’s easier on the eye.  I made it into a half sheet, but half sheets could be easy to lose for students.  I’m going to try to combat this by using the bright color paper my school supplies.

This form is also less detailed.  Like my syllabus, I’m trying to put only the important information on here.  Less details could become problematic if I have a habitually absent student; however, if I really think about it this type of student rarely ever used this form the way it was intended.

Here’s the old version in case you’re interested:

If you’d like an editable version of this class form, please go to: http://sradentlinger.wikispaces.com/Class+Forms

3 thoughts on “Updated Absence Form

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    I would love to use your absence form in my own classes, as I am also making a switch to TPRS in my classes this year and am looking for a way to handle informing absent students of what they missed. If you are willing to share, will you please send me a copy of the form in an editable format?

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