Pinteresante Board – Spanish Country Pinterest Idea

My mentor and cohort next door has a BIG and empty bulletin board outside of his room that he salvaged from a neighboring school.  There is a paper background, a lovely border with hello in multiple languages, and it says “español” at the top – but that’s as far as it goes!  From time to time last year, Spanish Club and other organizations put announcements on there but there was alway a ton of empty space there. I always cringed when I walked by, thinking of all the unused space.

So I’ve been thinking all summer long about a worthwhile project that would be bulletin board worthy and it’s finally hit me!  PINTEREST BOARDS FOR SPANISH COUNTRIES!!!

This is what I am planning:

Students will be assigned a Spanish speaking country.  Students will be given a copy of my  Pinteresante (Pinterest+ Interesante = Pinteresante!) sheet, which is based off of the Pinterest format.

Students will fill in the top portion with their name, a picture/drawing of themselves, a Spanish quote from an author/musician/politician from his/her country, and a repin section to add friends names.  There is a section for students to add their board name, which will be their country’s name.

The individual pins will be information about the country.  There are seven spaces for pins – all pin spaces include a picture area (could be hand drawn or printed off), a section to add information about the cultural item chosen, and a “pinneado de” at the bottom to list the source where they obtained their info!

I then intend to hang them on this empty bulletin board.

If you’re interested in the Pinteresante Board, please check go to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

3 thoughts on “Pinteresante Board – Spanish Country Pinterest Idea

  1. I was looking for this form on teacherspayteachers, but was not able to find it. Is there another site that has this information.

    Also, I was looking over your other ideas and tried to visit your wikispaces site, but it said it was restricted. You many have all of your items available either here or on teacherspayteachers, but I was just double checking.

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