Syllabus Upgrade 2013-2014

I just accepted a challenge from the girls at CreativeLanguageClass to create a more exciting syllabus.  If you don’t follow this blog, go check it out!  They have a ton of great ideas.

Kara made a couple good points about syllabi that I agree with: kids don’t read them and they’re visibly boring.

So here is the old…

…. and the NEW!

Kara made some good suggestions like keeping the syllabus simple and to be vague in some areas.  So I took out a lot and revamped it.  I’m nervous to get rid of so much, but when I look at my new format, I think students will actually take the time to read it because it is more appealing to the eye.  I also think by whittling it all down to two pages only (instead of covering everything I felt like), I have only the most important information on there.

I would still like to add “I can statements” of what students should be able to do by the end of the year, or units/themes to be covered.

I’m glad I took their challenge and can’t wait to hand out these new syllabi out in two weeks!

***UPDATE August 25, 2013******

If you’d like to download the new syllabus and modify it to fit your need, please click here.  All I ask is that you credit me with the original design.  Two teachers have already done so in a public arena, but I know there are many others out there who have not.

15 thoughts on “Syllabus Upgrade 2013-2014

  1. I’m loving the grading scale and pops of color! Everything that needs to stand out does. Absent? I know exactly where to look! Let us know how the kids respond.

    • Thanks Kara! I’m slightly nervous about the color because I’m only able to print in black and white, so I hope the colors won’t get washed out. Thanks for the challenge!

  2. I love this! Hope you don’t mind, but I took some ideas from your updated syllabus to update mine – never would’ve thought of upgrading my syllabus like this if I hadn’t seen your post. So excited to see what my returning students think of the re-vamped look!

  3. !Buen trabajo! Love the new and improved version of your syllabus. I’m gonna start working on mine for 4 different classes soon. My problem is choosing program to make this. jejeje Saludos

  4. What a great syllabus. I did download it but can’t make changes. Can you put this on TPT so I can edit and not have to start from the beginning? Or guide me to how to create. Thanks for sharing, it is awesome.

  5. Love this post! Thank you, I tried to get it from your wiki page, as I think you’ve developed a wonderful template but wiki says I do not have access from the link you provided.

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