Twitter as a FL Reading Resource

I’ve previously blogged about using Twitter as a manner of having students complete assignments.  Recently, I’ve come to use Twitter when I’m also looking for authentic reading resources for my students.  Every once in a while I also stumble upon a great meme that I throw into random assignments for chuckles.


1. Enter the vocabulary you’re searching for with a hashtag.  For example, I’m looking for Quinceañera materials.  I type #Quinceañera into the search bar and I get results like this:


2. I save the image to my desktop using the Snipping Tool on my Windows computer, or the Control+Shift+4 on my MAC.

3. I take those images, copy and paste them into a Word document, and I create a variety of questions.  I usually have a set I rely on.  For example: (a) tell me who …. (b) what does person X say in his/her tweet (c) a cloze translation where the tweet is given with a partial English translation and students have to fill in key missing words in English (d) an ‘explain this tweet’ for really funny tweets.

Here’s an example of one I made for Quinceañeras:

To download the FREE non-editable PDF file, please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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