Why I Do What I Do

I received this letter from a student today.  While it’s not the only one I’ve received, it means a LOT to me after such a challenging year.  I think I’m going to frame it and put it on my desk to remind me that THIS is why I teach. 


2 thoughts on “Why I Do What I Do

  1. It is little treasures like these that make this job worth it. I’m Amy, by the way. Found you by way of Pinterest and am going to start following. I teach Spanish and ESL. Occasionally, World Cultures, at a middle school.
    It looks like you might be on vacation from blogging for the summer. Great idea. I can’t wait to see what new ideas you have when the school year cranks back up!

    • ¡Hola Amy! I really love being able to share my ideas, so it makes my day to hear you enjoy them! I have indeed taken a bit of a hiatus for the summer, a little for relaxation purposes but mostly due to getting married! =)

      I will be making the switch to TPRS next year, but I’m already excited about the neat tricks I’m picking up. Do you use TPRS in the class? I’d love to share ideas!

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