I love windows… and I hate them!

I was so excited when I was able to get into my classroom this last year because it had windows.

My previous school was located in the interior of the school so I didn’t have windows.  My walls were made of a thin material that would rattle when a student touched them, and I had these bizarre vertical whiteboards in the middle of all my walls.  I often pined for a window and real walls, so I was over joyous when I was hired at a school that had windows.

2013-05-21 11.42.00

However, I quickly realized what a blessing and a curse the large window in my doorway was.   I would have the relentless hallway wanderers (and even other teachers!) using it to their personal advantage.  Then, on a day we had a “shooter drill” my study hall students were screamed at because I had misread the directions in an email.  The only reason they were yelled at was because the fake shooter could see them.

So my brain went into protection mode.  My students shouldn’t have been yelled at because of my error.  I also realized the only reason the students were yelled at was because the fake shooter could see in my window.

My solution was a temporary curtain.

2013-05-21 11.42.14DIRECTIONS TO MAKE YOUR OWN: 

1) Measure the window length and width.

2) Buy a fabric.  I recommend felt because it’s thicker, plus I liked the solid color.  Sew it into a curtain.  I just looped mine around.  [see picture]

3) Buy a cheap curtain rod.

4) Buy the temporary wall hooks.  I recommend 4, so that you can place two at the very top to completely cover the window and the other two half way down so the principal can still see in.

5) Place the wall hooks on the edge of the window. You will obviously need one on the left and one on the right.  Make sure they’re balanced!

6) Put the fabric curtain on your cheap rod, and hang the rod on the hooks next to your window.

7) Enjoy!

2013-05-21 11.42.36

Next year I plan on making holiday themed curtains, but this was perfect for this year.

3 thoughts on “I love windows… and I hate them!

  1. Ahh I have the exact same shower curtain map! I just moved classrooms and now have to hang it on the wall as opposed to on the shelf I had last year. It even looks like we have the same type of walls. Do you mind sharing how you hang yours?

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