Make-Up Board

I wanted to share an idea that has saved me a lot of time recently: the Make-Up Board.

Make-Up Board

When students are absent on a quiz or test day, I simply write their name on a quiz at the time I administer it and add it to the clipboard.  I often like to write the date the quiz/test was suppose to be taken (I have a policy that states students get 2 days to make up quizzes and 5 days to make up tests), along with a little note why (ex: ausente hoy, ausente toda la semana, etc) to jog my memory when the student comes to me later.  It’s also nice to have them all in one place when students come asking for them.

I decorated the back of my Make-Up Board, wrapped it with clear packing tape, and hung it up on the wall next to my desk using command hooks.  While it’s not the most decorative clipboard I’ve made, it’s nice to have some color added to the walls!

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