Estudiante del Mes

Thirteen days left and I am already anticipating my changes for next year!

One of the changes I want to tweak is my classroom culture.  I want students to feel like they’re entering another sub-school when they enter my room.

One way I’m going to do that is to recognize an “Estudiante Brillante del Mes” each month!  This is something that my school does not currently do, and as I have the best and brightest in my classes I feel they need to be recognized.

I’m planning on dedicating a bulletin to these students each month (which will include a picture in my sombrero!), doing a Secret Santa style week (Mon – favorite gum, Tues – something your favorite color, Wed – favorite pop, etc), and writing a brief synopsis to be included in our school paper as well our small local newspaper each month.

Here’s what I’m toying with for my Estudiante Brillante award:

To download the FREE non-editable version of my Estudiante Brillante Form, visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

I look forward to sharing more ideas with you all!

One thought on “Estudiante del Mes

  1. I like this idea about creating a subculture within the classroom – I too am already planning for next year! I will offer a caution too which I am sure you have already thought off but here goes- we teachers have to find the balance between praising and recognizing excellent students while helping those at the other end of the spectrum feel special and that they too can achieve success. I have a student who pulled his grade up from a D- to a B! Pretty amazing and he was really trying my patience but I stuck with it and kept treating him like it/he mattered and poof one day he literally just started paying attention and trying and I gave him little chocolates and emailed his father to compliment him and am super generous – telling him how proud of him I am for making the choice to come in at lunch to complete an assignment or get some extra help -wow it’s been gratifying to see this change and to see his self-confidence build and he just beams with the compliments!

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