Películas en Español

My go-to sub plan for emergencies is for my students to watch a  modern, Pixar-esque movie in Spanish.

When I was interning, I thought this wasn’t best practice to simply leave a movie behind for students to watch.  However,  with two years under my belt I know realize how little time it takes to prepare this lesson.  I’ve also found that it gets students listening and/or reading and ENGAGED in an authentic resource!

For example, if you have English audio with Spanish subtitles, students actually DO focus on reading the subtitles below.  This is enhancing students’ reading abilities in Spanish.

If you use Spanish audio with Spanish subtitles, you’re reinforcing the connection of the spoken word with the written word.  Students will even catch on when the subtitle translation doesn’t match up with the audio 100% – this is terribly fun if they start dissecting WHY they’re different.

When playing  Spanish audio with English subtitles, I’ve found students tend to glance at the subtitles from time to time (as they already know what’s going on in most of the films) and listen to the audio.

While most students enjoy hearing their favorite movies in Spanish, I do often have a stipulation.  Students need to write down a certain number of words they know, both with the Spanish word and the English meaning.  My Spanish 1 students need to find 20-30 words, Spanish 2 needs to find 75-95, and Spanish 3 needs 100.  They then turn this in to get credit while the sub is there.

After a (hopefully) once in a lifetime error of leaving a Frida Kahlo Biography without previewing the whole thing, here is a list of DVDs I keep readily available for such days:

– The Shrek Series

– Brave

– Up

– Hunger Games

– Finding Nemo

– The Ice Age Movies

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