Borrowing from Elementary Teachers

About a month ago my students were working on Ordinal Numbers with their house vocabulary in class.  I knew my students needed more practice, but I was fresh out of ideas.  When I searched this topic on Pinterest, the search results were all from elementary teachers!  Frustrated with a deadline, I decided to use their idea but change it so that it would accommodate my target language.

Essentially, I recreated the same assignment but put it in Spanish.  While more time-consuming than simply buying a pre-made document off TeachersPayTeachers, this is the best option because there aren’t any documents available.

If you think about it, we’re kind of like elementary teachers in a way.  As Foreign Language teachers, we’re teaching our students new vocabulary – how to say the new words and how to spell the new words.  We’re teaching our students new social skills from the countries our language is spoken in.  We expose students to new experiences through music and we decorate our room in hopes that one of the authentic materials catches our students’ eyes.

If you’re ever in a bind for materials, I highly recommend you look at an elementary teacher’s resources and see what YOU can do with their materials.

3 thoughts on “Borrowing from Elementary Teachers

  1. What a great idea! And MUCHAS GRACIAS for sharing – I am using this tomorrow …. another issue I wrestle with is the fact that so many great ideas/resources and materias that I find for my Spanish A students have been designed for high school students and don’t necessarily translate well for my 7th graders. This activity is perfect, I will let you know how it went! Terrific review of colors and the ordinal numbers! I get so many great ideas from you, thank you for sharing and your wonderful blog.
    I have some great stuff I’ve developed this year, but no time to blog about it between my classes and my teens at home … sorry because I would want to share. 😦

    • Thanks for your kind words! I’m just glad I can help someone else. It’s my way of paying back for all the ideas I’ve stolen from everyone else. 😉 My summer goal will be to upload more things because I know I will get antsy. Maybe while your teenagers are sleeping in you can do the same this summer. I’d love to see your ideas!

  2. Definitivamente cierto!!!!! Muchas gracias por compartir la información. Es la primera vez q veo tu página y me gustó mucho. Es mi primera vez enseñando español a nivel elemental en una escuela IB y necesito muchas ideas. Espero poder usar tus recursos para complementar mis ideas. Gracias.

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