Experimenting with Música

I’ve done the standard “listen-to-this-song-and-fill-in-the-blank” activity.  Sometimes I even spiced it up and had students highlight words we know or translate a few lines.  I’ve been looking for ways to change this routine up.

A couple new ideas I came up with:

– put lyrics into a Wordle and attach this to the back of the song.  Students circle words they know before listening to the song.

– after blanks that students need to fill in put the meaning of the word or rules for how to conjugate the verb.  Students will see how many they can fill in before they listen to the song.  I then play a version on youtube that has the lyrics written out (and only the lyrics).  Students are allowed to copy down missing words.

Here’s an example of this last idea using the song Voy a Estar by Reik:

– I added a map to my activity and students identify where the band is from.  My Spanish 1 + 3 just got done with a CD project, and as they used mostly artists I use in class a lot, a student or two is able to tell me where is band is from.  If they can’t, I tell them and we find it on the map.  I borrowed this idea from a random clozeline activity from zambombazo.  If you haven’t checked this site yet – do so right now!

If you’d like to see an example of how I put all of these ideas together, I put them all together for a song, Voy a Estar, by Reik.  Visit my TeachersPayTeachers Store for this document.

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