Bolsas de Preguntas

I used to make my students answer a question in Spanish to get through my door, usually related to something that we were learning.  I stopped around Christmas out of exhaustion.  Lately, I’ve been wanting to do something similar but I don’t want to be the one facilitating everything.  My solution?  Bolsas de preguntas!

What is a Bolsa de Preguntas?

It’s a bag full of random questions that my students should be able to answer.

To prepare I type up questions my students should be able to answer.  I then cut the questions up and put them in a plastic bag.

To play, students either work in partners or groups of three.  One student begins by pulling out a question and their partner(s) answer (both have to answer if there are two).  They leave the question out, then the next person gets to pull a question.  Students keep going either for a set time limit or until they’ve exhausted the questions.

I’ve found this has really helped my students working on the preterite, because we’ve been mainly working on irregular verbs.  I was focusing on how how to conjugate it and helping my students remember the new preterite forms.  Students began telling me my worst fear: they could conjugate the verbs but had absolutely no idea what they were saying.  So I typed up questions – some normal in nature and others that were really bizarre so that students had to listen to what was being asked.  I’ve found this has helped my students with meaning a lot!

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