This is an activity I “stole” from the lady who retired.  It’s called Connect-a-Word and I thought it was junk at first.  However, last week I needed something fun that would still require the use of Spanish skills.  Surprisingly, students loved this game!


– Students write a word any where on the board, one letter per line.

– Students then pass their sheet to the next person in the row.  (I usually make a snake procession, so that students see more than just their row).  As soon as students finish, they’re allowed to pass along. I try to watch in case a slower student gets a backlog and then I discretely pass it to someone else.

– The next student needs to add a word off of the one written on the sheet.  Any letters touching must form a new word in Spanish.


– It’s fun

– It requires students to consider spelling

– It requires quick thinking

– It sets them up to eventually play scrabble.


– Students may often look at your walls for words.  This is good, unless they start using the same word for every page.  For example, I had one boy put “rojo” so many times that I had “rojo” on a sheet 5 times.  Another put “té” because it was the shortest they knew.  My suggestion is to make a stipulation where if the word has been used on the sheet already that it cannot be reused.

– Students created new branches because they were unsure about where to put a word.  Other students noticed and pointed out the error, laughing.  Make sure to state that you’re not suppose to do this in your rules.


Download the FREE Connect-a-Word document from my TeacherspayTeachers store.

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