Twitter for the Classroom

My school has very limited resources when it comes to technology and I am often frustrated when I plan a really cool project using technology, just to find out the website I need students to access are blocked.

However, I also see almost all of my students hiding their smart phone in their crotches and taking pictures with their friends in study hall.  I’ve recently become infatuated with Twitter for the educational value it proposes, even though it’s blocked at our school.  I wanted to use it in an assignment because I thought students would think it’s fun but at the same time I wanted to be able to bring proof that our students need to have access to this kind of material.

I had asked my superintendent and principal if it would be all right to create a Twitter handle or Facebook group for the sole use of class notifications.  I received the approval but waited to act upon that.  So last week I acted on it and created a Spanish account for my classes (@CMEspanol).

This is the assignment I created:

ASSIGNMENT: You will create a picture dictionary of 10 images from our unit worth 20 points.  Each image must include a label with the Spanish word, and each image must match the Spanish word.

CATEGORIES TO CHOOSE FROM: Los Cuartos #loscuartos; Los Aparatos #losaparatos; Los Muebles #losmuebles; Los Quehaceres #losquehaceres

TWITTER INFO:  Tweet the pictures @CMEspanol. Add the appropriate hastags based on the pictures you take along with  #espanol #clase to your tweet.


OTHER MODES OF ENTRY ALLOWED: (1) Take pictures and print out “old school” (2) Borrow Sra D’s camera and take the picture on her camera for her to download later (3) take pictures and then share them in a Google Doc with Sra D (4) Email the picture to Sra D (5) Propose another method of entry.

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