¡Música! – El Edificio por Los Bacilos

I was looking for more authentic listening materials for my “casa” unit and came across this gem: El Edificio by Bacilos!

This song is great because it uses a lot of vocabulary from my unit (cocina, edificio, apartamento, bajar, etc.).  It’s also a well paced song for students learning a language.  I even had a student or two in each class bobbing their heads along.

I went with my standard listening activity for song (filling in the blanks) because I haven’t done in with this group in a while.  Here’s my document I used:

I then attempted to have students discover the real meaning of the song (hint: it’s not about houses!).  We looked at lines 5-8, 13-16, and 26-19.  Students were able to figure out the song was about society and class levels/economy, but I will admit this was done in English and we didn’t go much further than this because the bell rang.

6 thoughts on “¡Música! – El Edificio por Los Bacilos

  1. Thank you for sharing this activity!! I had a hard time finding this song on iTunes, but eventually realized that on the Bacilos CD, it’s called “Mi testimonio.”

    • Gracias for the information Maggie! I must confess that I usually turn to youtube for music, which can be problematic if it’s blocked in your school. Did you like the rest of their music?

      • It’s pretty good. They have another song called “Colores, colores” that I like to use with my Spanish 1 students. Right now, I’m really into Jesse y Joy. They are great!

      • I use Corre also! I have also used Espacio Sideral, Como No, and Volveré. My students love listening to them while they work. Her voice is beautiful!

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