Looking for a great game that helps students learn vocabulary meaning?


General Directions:

1) Have students identify the matches.  They will ID the correct Spanish word, English word, and the picture that relates.

2)  Place spoons in the middle of the students.

3) Students shuffle the cards.  Dealer gives each student three random cards.

4) The dealer picks a card from the pile.  If the dealer does not want the card, s/he passes it to the left.  If the dealer does want the card, s/he must get rid of one of the three in his/her hands.

5) As soon as one person gets a match of three, s/he grabs for a spoon.  Everyone else grabs a spoon too, regardless if they have a match.

2013-02-06 14.27.22

(Using markers, before I bought my spoons!)


– Make card template (see mine for examples)

– Laminate cards.  Cut out cards.

– Make sure you have spoons to put in the middle.  I got my spoons at the Goodwill for 35 cents.

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