Los Zombis!

¡Los Vivientes Muertos!

I went ahead and committed to it – my Spanish 3 students are doing a unit about zombies!

I will be posting more as I continue on this voyage, but I just had to share this unique and authentic reading assignment we did the other day.  It’s a reading assignment about the Zombie Food Pyramids.

I had 4 questions about the pyramid IN Spanish, because I wanted to get away from resorting to English for comprehension.  However, I included two comments about the pyramid from real readers that the students deciphered in class.

Click here to view LEER – PiramidedeZombis

2 thoughts on “Los Zombis!

  1. I found your website through pintrest and wanted to let you know that I think it’s amazing. I will be a first year spanish teacher in the fall and your site has given me so many good ideas

    • Thanks Marie! Sorry I don’t have more of my zombie materials up here ~ I used a lot of things I found on my zombie board though. Make sure to watch Pinterest… I’ve found some of my best materials on there.

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