AR Verbs – Verbodoku

I acquire most of my content from the textbook Avancemos.  I have never loved the book, but it was the first one I obtained.  Therefore, all of the resources I needed to make to supplement the book are catered to Avancemos.

The problem I’m running into with my Spanish 1 students is that I have introduced AR, ER, and IR verbs at the same time.  It’s taking a lot of work, but they’re finally understanding all the conjugations for AR.  Unfortunately, because my first activities list includes all 3 endings, my students aren’t able to say many things right now (only using AR endings).

So I “beefed up” our vocabulary this week.  A while back, perusing websites of the greats, I saw something called a “verbodoku.”  I’ve looked for it over and over again but I could not find it (so if it’s you, let me know so I can credit you!).  The original author used hablar with all of its conjugations for her verbodoku.


1)    I took a regular Sudoku that had answers in the back.

2)    I picked the first 9 new verbs and assigned them to a number.

3)    I made a 9X9 grid on my computer, then placed each verb into the box that corresponded with the number.

4)    I copied and pasted the original sudoku on the back side, both the one to solve and the answers.

Here is what it looks like: VERBODOKU – AR Verbs


–       Students liked the break from the usual assignments

–       My bright students flourished at the sight of this challenge, my slower students cringed.

–       Harder to grade, so I gave credit to students who attempted and didn’t penalize those who struggled.

–       Students said “I don’t understand how this is suppose to help me know what the words mean”

–       I recognize it’s helping students learn to spell the word and group these words together, as opposed to learning actual meaning.

–       MAKE SURE YOU CREATE THE RIGHT TEMPLATE.  One verb in the wrong spot and your students will hate you.

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