La Casa – ESCUCHAR: Dream Home Spanish Tour – 1-HGTV

I’ve been in a rut when I listen to authentic material.  Usually, I find a song that includes a lot of our current vocabulary, the students scan for cognates, they listen to the song while filling in the blanks, and sometimes we translate lines.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out the latest post CIRCLE IT on my favorite blog, The CreativeLanguageClass!  They had some amazing ideas for authentic listening.

Here’s what I did with their ideas: In Spanish 2, we’re doing “La Casa & Los Quehaceres.”  I remember seeing these really quick mini-shows about nice homes in Spanish a long time ago.  Luckily, I had saved the link!  So I found the one that used the most words that we’re currently learning.

The link to the clip I used is

Then I made this sheet to go along: ESCUCHAR: Dream Home Spanish Tour

For the activity, students did the following:

1)    Listened one time through, and circled all the words they recognized when they listened

2)    I had students count how many words they had circled

3)    We listened a 2x, and the students’ goal was to add 5 more words to their list.  Even my advanced students were able to successfully do this.

4)    We went over words we heard, sharing them in class.  I pointed out some difference (ex: sala versus sala de estar) from vocabulary we have learned.

5)    Before watching the video and listening for the third time, students read through three lists of sentences.  Their next task was to circle the column that BEST summarized what was being said/shown in the clip.

6)    Students were allowed to discuss with their groups.  Out of 6 groups, 5 picked the right column (true for both classes).

I really loved these new ideas and I’m looking forward to using some of them in my new Spanish 3 “los viviventes muertos” unit tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “La Casa – ESCUCHAR: Dream Home Spanish Tour – 1-HGTV

  1. Hi! This is a fabulous lesson. The youtube link no longer works. Do you have another copy of the video or do you know what you searched to find it? Thanks for all the great ideas!

    • Sorry – I wasn’t savvy enough to save videos back in the day and a quick Youtube search didn’t yield an observation discovery. I’m sure you could easily adapt this for any HGTV episode you find though.

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