Receptores de Piojo

ImageI was looking for a unique speaking activity that I could use for AR verbs.  I wanted students to practice the él/ella form, because I’ve been hitting the yo/tú forms pretty heavily.  So I wracked my brain and I wracked my brain….

… and I came up with RECEPTORES DE PIOJO.

In other words, COOTIE CATCHERS!

1) To begin, we made the cootie catchers before we wrote on them.

20130213_1558022) On the four petals that show before you move the catcher, we put four physical or personal characteristics that we wanted our significant other to have.  For example, students said “inteligente, rico, & alto.”





20130213_1558133) On the first inside petals (there will be 8) we used our AR verbs.  I helped students brainstorm 8 verbs and helped make sure they were the correct form.  They then finished the sentences, based on their ideal significant other.  Here are some verbs we used: “trabaja, toca, besa, pasea en, habla” etc.  I had some creative answers.


20130213_1558264) When students lifted up these flaps, they had to write 8 people below them.  One student wrote down all teachers names, another wrote down hot celebrities, others wrote a mixture.




5) To play, students spelled out the verbs that were chosen (not the whole sentence).

Receptores de Piojo

Students LOVED this activity!  It reminded me that I should freshen up our alfabeto, but other than that I was very pleased with the results.  Students were talking, it was in Spanish, and it was authentic!

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