Jigsaw AR Verb Puzzle

Spanish 1 students are beginning their AR verb experience.  It’s been four days and they’re having a hard time matching up the subject pronouns with the verb form.

I was searching for some good activities to remedy this, and I stumbled across this one that’s a Jigsaw puzzle using verbs from www.martinabex.com.  She gives you an editable template to purchase, but I just made my own using Microsoft Word and the table function.  I then hand wrote in my sentences.

Here is the jigsaw puzzle template I created.

Here is my AR Verb Sample.

Here are the directions I used to create it:

1) Write out seventeen sentences of subjects/conjugated verbs.

2) Split each ofyour seventeen sentences into two parts. If you want to guarantee that there is only ONE correct “answer” to the puzzle, make sure that you write sentences and split them at places that limit students’ options: “toca” (plays) ONLY matches “la guitarra” (the guitar) on this puzzle.

3) Place the two corresponding word chunks across from each other on all of the inside edges of the puzzle.

4) Fill in the outside edges of the puzzle by copying some of the sentence parts from the inside of the puzzle in order to make it more complicated: students will have to match up ALL FOUR sides of the square instead of just finding one side that matches and assuming that the other three are correct.

5) Copy the document.

7) Cut the squares up for students, mix them, and paperclip them together.

8) Have students put the puzzle back together.

My 2nd hour students really liked this because they were allowed to work in pairs (they’re a lower level) but my 6th hour students did not like it (they had to work alone – there were only three of them but generally higher level than 2nd hour).

I hope you can use this in your class and that you find it fun!

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