Authentic Reading – La Dieta de Michael Phelps

My school is on the watch-list for reading and math.

My school devotes PD time to developing reading skills to help our students comprehend material better.  Sometimes, we are allowed to make a lesson using any skill we’ve been given, and other times we are required to use ones by the next schedule PD.

So while other teachers are turning to textbooks and long articles, I’ve turned to infographics!  If you don’t know what they are, they’re best described as information displayed with a lot of pictures – and they look really neat!

I used a cloze reading strategy to help students understand an infographic about Michael Phelps’ diet.

My results were fantastic!  All students got a 90%-100% when they answered 10 true or false questions, except one.  Granted, with a written cloze assignment I do most of the translation, but it was still pretty awesome to see what else they understood from the infographic.

Here’s the document I used in class: La Dieta de Michael Phelps

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