¡Música! – Tengo tu Love

¡Música! Image

I love using authentic music in my classroom!  I recently used a Sie7e song called Tengo tu Love.  It’s great because it has TONS of words we have learned, and some English too!

Here is the procedure I followed when I used this song:

– Students searched the song for cognates.  Words students recognized on their own included: celular, diamantes, conversación, privado, millones, mansiones, diploma, compromiso, silencio.

– I pointed out the phrase “vale más que” and explained what it meant.  We used lines 26 and 35 to translate, using this phrase.

– We then listened to the song.  Students filled in the blanks.  I tried to sing along.

–  After our first listen through, students shared words that they heard but not where they were located.  Words we filled in included: tengo, tiene, tener, brazos, vieja, siempre, amigo, tiempo, enseñar, hablar, escuchar, soy, hay, español.

– We listened a second time through.

– Then we went over all the blanks.  Students had almost EVERY single one filled in!  =)

– Students then translated these lines verbally: 1,3,5,11,18,20, 25,29,31,33,41,42,43,45

Fill in the Blank Copy for Tengo tu Love – Sie7e

Youtube Link to Audio for Tengo tu Love – Sie7e

5 thoughts on “¡Música! – Tengo tu Love

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  2. Terrific idea and great lesson plan – I love this song and used it last year, but only as a musical exposure to culture – I plan to steal this lesson from you and use it for my 9th graders! I will let you know how it goes, I am thinking it would be a really fun way to introduce the idea of cognates to them…. so I may just try it that way first and then come back to the fill in the blanks with the lyrics about a month into the semester! I love your blog – thank you for so generously sharing your wonderful lessons and idea!

    • It’s an awesome song! My students loved how much they could pick up when they listened to it, with just about 2 months or so of class. And a big thanks for the appreciation – MUCH needed on a majorly discouraging PD day. You made my evening!

  3. What a great idea!! You are a true inspiration…thanks so much for sharing! Do you think this may work with 8th graders? The song is little fast for them, but they should be up to the challenge. Thanks again!

    • I find my 8th graders are the most excited for this kind of activity. I might do the activity differently as they’re younger. Instead of listening twice and going over blanks in one day, I might have 8th graders listen to it every day at the beginning of class for a week. I also set the music a little quieter and sing loudly myself when I know students struggle because I’ve found it helps them a lot.

      I hope you try it out. This song was one of my students’ favorites last year and not only did a student go home and download it, but other looked up more music by the same artist! Let me know how it goes.

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